CJS RING AWAY Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

CJs Ring Away
CJs Ring Away
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Product Description

CJs Ring Away is absolutely the best toilet bowl cleaner this side of the Mississippi! And has the track history to prove it. CJs Ring Away has been scientifically formulated to specifically attack the hard calcium deposit that cause those ugly toilet rings we all experience in the Central Valley of California. CJs Ring Away works in other areas of the country also if you have a calcium deposit problem. Although CJs Ring Away is designed for toilets it also works fantastic on fiberglass shower pans! Your order will come with a toilet swab applicator so you can have that sparkling clean toilet right away!

This is a professional product so you should always test a small concealed area before using. DO NOT USE ON COLORED FIXTURES, TILE, OR GLASS. DO NOT set Ring Away on any surface that be damaged! For a how to video copy and paste this link on your browser: https://youtu.be/shyBTI39gYw